How our Children Went From Zero to Hero in Maths.

 by Bill Marlow


Does Online Learning Work? I have to admit that I used to be pretty sceptical about online learning, but about eighteen months ago, I was given the opportunity to try out a beta version of a math learning program. Up until that point we had gone through many different avenues, tried various learning methods with the hope that at least one would finally help our children succeed. Unfortunately none seemed to fit the bill and we were left disillusioned and disappointed.

A bolt from the blue

The offer to try out a new method was something that just fell on our lap at a time when we were tired of looking for an effective method of learning that could make a difference in our kids’ life. 

We didn’t take the offer seriously at first thinking that it would be no different to all the previous ones we had seen and used without much success.

But after due consideration, and with nothing to lose, we decided to give it a go.

Our story

But let me first introduce myself. My name is Bill Marlow and just so you know I'm not a teacher or educational expert.

My wife and I are just regular parents who have desperately been looking for an effective and affordable way to educate our children and I hope you find this helpful.

For a couple of years before we were blessed with this program, my wife and I skimmed the internet in search of a way to improve our children’s education, as they seemed to be drifting behind as they moved up classes.

Like any other parents, we became worried and decided to do something about it.

Searching the Net

We searched the net and tried using many different learning systems we came across, and when they didn’t work,  we kept on trying just about every other type of learning system – private tutoring, audio learning system, DVD system, you name it – without much success.

Our children, like most children, are impatient when it comes to learning.

They wanted something easy to understand, something that won’t take up too much of their time since they had other subjects to study as well.

In our quest, we found many learning sites that were more than affordable, but none that had the features that we were looking for. 

We had to find out, once and for all, if there was anything out there that would just fit in what we were after, as we urgently needed help in maths for our kids and needed it fast! 

We came across a few good sites and we tried some of them in the hope that they would do the job. 

Not all of them worked as we expected. 

In fact, most of those we looked at and tried were totally worthless. 

They consisted of reading material and questions that come with every lesson, same as a book. 

However, we found some good maths programs that were actually worth the effort of our investigation and even though we used them, none could come even close to the one that we have our children on currently.

Why Should I be sharing this Information with you? 

Well, we are quite happy with what we accidentally come across and selected for our children to use. 

They have made the progress we expected, slowly at first, but gradually built up and now they are all doing well, if not excelling in maths at school. 

Our Kids’ Results 

One of our children has gone from the lower maths class to the top maths class within six months. That's right! Our kids’ results were as follows:

Michael in 9th grade went from lower maths class to advance maths. His percentage marks in the last semester was 74%. 
He came out first in his grade. (He finished his test 15 minutes early to discover afterwards that he forgot to answer 4 questions that were on the last page of the test paper!) 

Tommy in 6th grade is naturally playful, and always come up with lame excuses not to co-operate when it comes to study. 

After going through the program systematically, he soared to the top five with a grade’s maths mark of 82%. 

He was barely getting 40% prior to that.

Danielle in 4th grade, not so enthusiastic about learning, but blessed with a good memory. She’s capable of grasping a lesson by watching it just a couple of times. 

She’s now cruising in 5th grade and is in the top her maths group. 

It is such a relief to finally see the children doing well in their studies that we couldn’t help but share it with everyone.

How it all started 

Basically, I'm here to tell you how it all started. How we managed to overcame the problems every parent with children faces, and how we managed to guide our children to success in their education. 

When my kids were in the lower grades, I was helping them now and then with their school homework. 

It was easy and there seemed to be no problem.

But as they moved into higher grades, I was struggling to help them. 

They were lagging behind in their maths year by year. 

Their school reports were not as good. 

I was having problem helping them because every time I tried, they seemed to get more confused!

I could not figure out what was wrong. 

No matter how I tried, they kept saying:“I don’t understand!”

During a parent-teacher meeting, I realised that they were being taught differently.

So, wanting to do the right thing by them, I decided to learn to teach them with the help of their teachers.

The latter supplied me with textbooks and notes in various topics in maths ranging from decimals, fractions for the younger ones and algebra and geometry for my older son.  

But despite my enthusiasm and patience, I could not help my children effectively. 

I was always fumbling my way through and the kids were sometimes losing patience as they were spending far too much time on maths leaving them not much time for other subjects.

Finally, after trying my best for a while, I gave up as there was so much to learn before I could even try to teach them.  

Remember one child is hard enough to monitor; I had three and in different grades.

I didn’t want to make mistakes for fear of confusing them.

Looking for alternatives

That’s when we started looking for alternatives.

We started looking for a tutor. 

After a few days, I was recommended one by a friend. 

The tutor would come once a week and spend two hours with the children. 

As our children were in different grades she would spend 45 minutes with each one in turn. 

Tutors don’t come cheap, but we were after results so we didn’t mind.

Eight weeks later, the children seemed to be making some progress but not to the extent that we had anticipated. 

I was happy the way they were going.

But sometimes they still needed our help with their homework.

We weren’t able to assist all the time as we are both in the workforce. 

We thought that if only we could afford the tutor for four hours instead of two, our problem could be solved. 

We immediately gave up that idea. 

There was no way we could afford 4 hours a week at $60 per hour.

As frustrated as we were, we continued getting the children tutored but we were still on the lookout for a more suitable solution.

Educational Company

One day we received a phone call and were offered a free assessment in maths for our children from an educational company.

An educational consultant showed up one afternoon and gave our children an assessment in maths and proposed an educational package.

This was a high profile program that was endorsed by top headmasters and principals of schools and other reputable educational institutions.  

This program was supposed to cater for all our kids’ educational needs up to grade 12. 

We were sold and bought the package for a few thousand dollars and sincerely hoped it was money well spent. 

We had to let the tutor go temporarily. 

It was excellent! 

The lessons ware well-presented and there was plenty of questions for practice, with frequent tests and revision work. 

Little did we realise at that time that this wasn’t a wise move after all! 

The children used the program for a while until we discovered that they weren’t completing the exercises, just watching the lessons.

I investigated further to discover that they weren’t able to answer the questions all by themselves, they needed help!

The questions didn’t come with worked out solutions, only final answers.

There was a help hot line but the children were too lazy to call.

And we weren’t always there to monitor them.

We were very upset.

There wasn’t much we could do.

We realised that it was money wasted, and promised ourselves not to get into this trap ever again.

Back to the Internet

One evening as I was surfing the net, I found an ad that got my attention. 

My curiosity was sparkled once more… 

I didn’t want to get caught again, so I did some more research and found a bunch of online learning systems.

There were so many of them and all seemed to be good. 

Some were even free!

I went deeper and investigated them. 

There were free lessons ranging from K to University level in all the main subjects.

All for free! Wow! 

We thought we had found the Holy Grail!

We decided to give it a go. 

We got the children on to it and asked them to help themselves.They could learn any topic in math and even science subjects.

I remember helping them choose the topics they were currently doing at school. 

There was nothing wrong with the way the lessons were explained but, when it came to answering the questions related to each lesson they got stuck, especially my son Tommy.

They were required to answer questions and then check their answers.

The problem was that they didn’t have a clue of how to answer the questions from their school text books. 

There were some examples but questions were different and they had to be answered differently.

They needed to understand with more clarity how the solutions were to be worked out.

Well, upon questioning, we discovered that the children couldn’t answer the questions mainly because of their lack of some basics relating to the questions.

Now, we were faced with a dilemma, they couldn’t answer the questions because they didn’t know how to and if they were shown how to, they didn’t have the basic knowledge to properly understand the steps of the answers.

The answer was obviously to go back and relearn their basics. 

The program was so comprehensive that they were overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work they would have to sift through in order to cover the required basics.

They didn’t even have a clue where to start.

The question was, would they be able to decide for themselves and pick the correct lessons, or would they need guidance to navigate the lessons in such a way as not to waste time to the detriment of other subjects? 

We realised that what they really needed was a given pre-set sequence of lessons that would systematically teach them step by step and finally lead them to what they were currently learning at school. 

We felt disorientated and depressed. 

We needed to do something about it. 

Do we throw in the towel?

But did we have the right to take chances when it comes to our kids’ education? 

That was the question. 

Which program to choose?

Now we had a tough decision to make, go back to the tutor or get another program and, if so, what program to choose? 

We couldn't make up our mind! 

At that point, I was really starting to get aggravated. 

I couldn't believe that with all of the programs on the internet, there wasn't someone who was actively testing them all and rating their effectiveness! 

I figured that there had to be other people out there who were in a similar situation to us. 

And since all those online teaching seemed to be mirroring one another, it would be nice to have someone who could give an unbiased, honest recommendation and make it easier for parents to make an informed decision. 

The phone call that changed everything

That’s when I received a phone call that changed our lives for ever.

We were given the opportunity to test this program, and the rest is history!

So I decided to set up this page. 

I felt it was kind of like my duty after all. 

Your decision...

However, I am not aware of your particular situation, or how badly your kids need help at this time but you can still opt for the program that has worked for my kids and give it a go, as I did.

It however requires some dedication and involvement on your part if you choose to take this path.

I am not saying that you need to teach your child, the program will do that for you because it has been set up in such a way that leaves nothing to imagination.

It is straightforward and easy to follow. If the children need help they have it there in front of them, no need to seek any help.

It gives them confidence because they are now capable of answering questions on their own and if they are unable to do so, simply refer to the answers for clues. 

And since the answers aren’t ‘static’ they can easily be understood without any help.

What a relief!

However, you have to put some time initially in helping your kids to get started, just as I did.

Don’t be scared to watch a couple of lessons with them. 

Soon they will discover how easier their maths homework is becoming.

The progress made by my kids was because I got them to use the program for an average of 15 to 20 minutes, three times a week going over topics they were not good at. 

When those topics were covered, it all became easier for them.

The hardest thing is to get them started. When they see results, they won’t need any prompt as they would realise that it’s the only way they can get their homework out of the way in the shortest time.

Also, keep in mind that the results of my kids, as stated above, are based purely on my personal experience. Your results may vary. 
How it works.

The way it teaches is different and quite satisfying. 

It allows students to work out the answer and then check the solutions.  

It encourages them to view the solutions unfold step by step on the screen so that they can remember them and use them to answer questions on their own.

There is no pressure on the student whatsoever.

Remember I was telling you earlier that I was looking for a feature in a program. 

That was it!

It saved me a lot of time because since then I haven’t had to help the children anymore as they had all the help they needed.

Their maths homework became a breeze.

They are now able to learn lessons in advance and consolidate their knowledge in class.

Once students start to do well in 9th grade, it’s more than likely they would do well in higher grades.

My eldest, who is now in 11th grade, still goes back and revise some topics from time to time.

It is a known fact that past 10th grade, students have a lesser chance of ‘devoting’ time to what maths they never understood and this results in downgrading or dropping out of the subject altogether in higher grades.

Since my children started using this program, they have gradually but surely gained knowledge and confidence. 

To check their progress all I have to do is access their records..

Their yearly subscription per enrolment is a steal considering I got the English grammar course for free. 

It's the best value for money we have found. 

For those to whom guarantees matter, this program has a 100% 90-day money back guarantee and includes frequent updates. 

And I have to say that their service is not that bad either. They offer prompt and excellent service. 

If you have a child between 5th and 10th grade and you are after an affordable, effective way to help improve her math, and are prepared to invest in an online program, I'd make it this one. 

You won't go wrong. If you want your child to catch up I urge you to click here.

Rating: 5.0 Stars Comments: (Best Results / Most Effective / Great Service / My Favourite) 

This program has literally changed my kids’ lives! 

I know it might sound unusual, but I can't even begin to tell you what a difference this program has made in the lives of my kids over the past 18 months. 

All three have way more self-confidence now than ever before.

I know because I can see it in their demeanour and how proud we were to attend our last parents – teachers meeting.

Plus, I don’t have to be after them to do their work anymore. 

They know they can’t get away with it anyway. 

Besides, why should they cheat?  They have seen the positive results achieved. This is more than enough motivation for them to study.

Let me tell you, there's absolutely nothing better than to know that my children are now on their way to a better future. 

There are no words powerful enough for me to express the deep sense of gratitude I feel to know that all my hard work finally paid off and that my kids are on to a great start. 

All I have to do now is just monitor the results and encourage them towards greater achievements! 

But don't just take my word for it. Give this maths program a try and find out what you've been missing out on. 

I've already done the hard work for you so you know what you are getting into. I've experienced amazing results for my kids, first-hand. 

The program worked for my kids and it should work for you too. 

I wish I had something like this when I was at school.

Please bookmark this page and tell your friends! 

I sincerely hope that my experiences have served in helping you in some way.