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Maths, English Grammar, Physics, Chemistry and Biology


All our teachers and tutors are very experienced and dedicated to every student’s success.  


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Making Learning a Breeze Not a Chore!


Why Choose Our Courses?

Our courses cater for the students’ individual needs. It gives them the opportunity to learn at their own pace.

Math is a subject that builds upon itself just like a brick-wall. Same as missing bricks weakens a brick wall, so would missed lessons affect a student’s overall performance in math.

In the earlier school years, missing a few lessons here and there don’t seem to matter much but, as the years go by, those missed math knowledge can have a negative impact.

Students can find themselves disadvantaged to the point of limiting their future prospects of career choices.

Our grade 5 to 9 math course fixes the problem by allowing students to go back and quickly revise what they missed. Click here to enroll.

One on One Tutor

Our one on one tutoring is especially for students needing help in math, up to grade 12. It’s easy to book an hour’s session with one of your preferred tutors just click here.

Rest assured that our tutors are handpicked and fully qualified university graduates in their respective disciplines. They have been fully screened, character and police checked and aware of their responsibilities. Click here to check their profiles.


Feel free to access our free resources which include various printable practice exercises in math at all levels. Click here for access.

What Parents Have To Say

Learning Simplified

  • Objective - Make Learning a Breeze Not a Chore
  • Flexible - Work Around Student's Needs
  • Community - Integration and Involvement for the Enhancement of Learning
  • Accessibility - Anytime, Anywhere
  • Supported – Dedicated and Fully Responsive